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High Quality Computer Equipment

APS offers several ways to enhance your Club Command software.  APS provides high quality computer hardware and peripheral equipment that have proven reliability in the day-to-day operation of club facilities, especially selected and tested to be compatible with APS software and to operate with full fault tolerance and speed.


Club Command Software


APS provides quality high-end computer systems.  Procuring your computers and peripherals through APS offers the advantage of our expertise in selecting, configuring and integrating the hardware to the software, saving you time and money.

Barcode Reader

These desktop laser barcode scanners automatically read membership cards and inventory barcodes. Front desk staff can focus attention elsewhere with Club Command’s unattended check-in option.


Small, high-resolution camera is used to take a picture that is displayed during check-in. Can be mounted on top of a monitor.

Cash Drawer

A safe and secure way to store credit card receipts and cash.  The cash drawer will open every time a item is sold, during credit transactions, and upon manual command via the user.

Touch Screen Monitor

For the ultimate in software simplicity, try our touch screen monitor option.  Members can now check themselves in upon arrival and view important messages.  Front desk staff can focus attention elsewhere with Club Command’s unattended check-in option.

Fingerprint Reader

The fingerprint system will verify the member as they checkin. The reader also verifies the identity of employees as they clock in and out, log in or open the cash drawer.

Signature Capture Pad

Works the Club Command software to capture member signatures for membership agreements and change forms.  This allows paperless transmittal of contracts electronically to APS

Electronic Access Systems

Control physical access to your club.  With an electronic access system, members gain access using a proximity card.  The system connects to the Club Command software to validate access rights and sends a signal to a door latch, turnstile, or other external system to allow access to a valid member or does not open for an invalid or delinquent member.



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