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Client Care Training Options

Online Training & E-mail Support

APS utilizes the Internet to facilitate your startup training and ongoing support.  Online, self-paced training materials provide a study of the operations of the software.  If you ever need tech support, ongoing e-mail support is also available.

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Telephone Training

Initial club startup telephone training is available.  This includes an overview of the software and various application modules. Ongoing telephone support is also available for those who need to speak with a tech representative immediately.

Software Training Manual

For and easy accessible reference, a fully referenced software manual is provided both bound and online. This manual is complete with screen shots and user friendly descriptions of all software processes.

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Austin Training

Courses are available at our office in the Austin, Texas area.  Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Training attendees should include: owner, manager, bookkeeper, and other key personnel. Highly recommended.

On Site Training

Training to be done at the club by one of our corporate trainers.  Airfare, hotel, rental car, and meal expenses are to be paid directly by the club. Two days are generally sufficient in most situations.


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